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In 1989, Dr. Joe V. Fote was living the American Dream. He and his wife Lynn had just bought their first house, and were soon expecting their first child. He was climbing the corporate ladder as the youngest regional banking director in Columbus, Ohio. Life was good for both husband and wife, and they were doing what most American couples enjoyed: working hard, making a good living, and loving life.

Until the Dream Quickly Came to an End...

One Monday morning, Dr. Fote was called into the office of the Chief Operations Officer. The bank was quickly losing money, and jobs were being cut - fast. With five years of glowing performance reviews, Dr. Fote believed that he was safe from becoming another victim to downsizing...

…until he was let go on the spot.

Without the security of a job – and with a baby to take care of and a mortgage to pay for – Dr. Fote was desperate to get back into the workforce. For four months, he sent out resume after resume with no acknowledgement, until he asked a local hospital to give him a job. To his surprise, he was called back for a second interview, where he was offered a position.

Dr. Fote remembered what it was like not being able to find employment, even though he was now working. He went back to school and received his MBA, thinking that an advanced degree would keep him safe from unemployment.

But when his company merged with a larger hospital and he once again found himself out of a job, Dr. Fote knew that he had to discover hidden methods to stand out from the rest of the job-hunting pack...

Dr. Fote Stumbled onto the Proven Secrets of Landing Successful Job Interviews…
And Now Has A 90% Success Rate!

Dr. Fote realized that by searching for a job using the same methods by everyone else out there on the job market, he was setting himself up for failure.

Top corporations receive thousands of applications and résumés a day. Yes, you read that right...a day! And it’s not just Fortune 500 companies that are bombarded with today’s slowing economy, more and more small businesses are flooded with hundreds of applications for just one job opening

So how does Dr. Fote know what it takes to stand out from a sea of applicants who have the same credentials as you?

During the course of his own job searching experience, Dr. Fote stumbled across several secrets towards landing the kind of job interviews that will guarantee to get you noticed by top decision makers! 

In fact, Dr. Fote has been so successful in his own career that he and his wife were inspired to found Compass Rose, a popular Christian life coaching company that helps people to realize their own life goals
and potential! 

With their in-demand coaching services, Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote are back to living the American dream. But now this team of expert life coaches want to share their most successful secrets...with you!

The ONLY Career Management Tool You Will Ever Need!!

If you’re like millions of other Americans today, you’ve probably found yourself out of a job or in a career crisis. Maybe you’ve been working at the same dead-end job for years, but are too afraid to quit...maybe you’re re-entering the workforce after an extended absence…or maybe you just can’t seem to create the right résumé to land you that coveted interview – and don’t want to fork over hundreds of dollars for résumé writing services.

Too often, we’re afraid of taking chances to pursue a career that we love because we’re afraid of the unknown. We fill our minds with doubt, fear and too many questions: what if I can’t get the job I love? What if I don’t make the kind of income that I have now? Can I really throw away my family’s security in pursuit of my own dream?

Well, Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote are so sure that you’ll never need to ask yourself those questions again – because you’re about to be introduced to the only career management tool you’ll ever need!

Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success was written by Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote to help you stand out from the endless sea of job candidates.  In this book, you’ll discover valuable tips and secrets, including:

  • How to prepare a result-driven, compelling résumé that will guarantee that you land interviews
  • How to effectively expose your personal skills and qualifications to top decision makers
  • Conduct the kind of interviews where YOU’RE in control
  • The best questions to impress your interviewer - and get you hired
  • The four fundamental applications you’ll need to use for every interview
  • The fifty questions most frequently asked in interviews...and how to answer them
  • How to convey body language that commands attention and competency – and will land
    that second interview
  • How to negotiate a win-win compensation package for your career or business opportunity!

There are a ton of career and life “coaches” and guides out there that will promise to take your career to new heights, but they miss one important component: these products and coaches don’t help you realize just who you are and how you are designed. In Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote have done exactly that. 

So How Can This Book Help You to Achieve
Your Dream Career?

Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote based their book on the philosophy that we are active beings with purpose, not just passive participants. When we pursue and investigate our purpose and translate that into our life plan, we find out who we are and what we’re meant to do. Through Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success, this husband-and-wife team has helped many people to find careers that relate to them as a person, which leaves them feeling motivated and fulfilled.

Here are just a few clients who’ve realized their dreams through the philosophy of Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote:

"When it comes to career management,
Joe and Lynn Fote have got it figured out!"

"When it comes to career management, Joe and Lynn Fote have got it figured out! They have worked successfully together for years in several business ventures. They know how to guide and direct you to clarify, set and reach your life’s goals.” 

If you want good advice on how to manage your career, you can trust Joe Fote.

Rhea Perry
Backside of Nowhere in Southern TN


"Lynn's coaching illuminated my direction"

"The single most important benefit from my experience with my life coach, Lynn Fote, is the encouragement to realize the deeper potential of my abilities and the courage to act upon those discoveries. My feet needed specific stepping-stones and Lynn's coaching illuminated my direction."

Always intentionally positive, Lynn guides your introspection with her insightful questions and observations. She provides an atmosphere of safety and integrity for individuals exploring their specific effectiveness and productivity."



"Dr. Joe has helped me discover and develop the tools I needed"

"Dr. Joe has helped me discover and develop the tools I needed to honestly and objectively help my family and myself."



"Very specific and practical advice."

"Very specific and practical advice.."



"You helped me become the man God intended me to be "

"Thank you Dr. Joe for helping me become the man God intended me to be."


This Guide Will Change Everything You Know about How To Land
The Job of Your Dreams...

Forget everything you’ve ever been taught about successful job hunting. Throw out all of those books, and toss all of the articles that you’ve ever read about career searching. Chances are, every single person vying for your dream job has read all of the same information as you – and you’ll never get a leg up on the competition if you use the same methods as everyone else.

Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success is different because it helps you to plan your intended path in the working world. Other guides follow set rules and formulas that seem to work for everyone, but this guide will help you identify your unique skills, talents and passion so that you find the career that you were meant to do, not the one you feel as though you have to do.

Still Need Convincing?
Take A Look At Some Of The Chapters In This Guide

Career Management Outline Strategy
Ten Basic Elements of Effective Career Management
The Marketing Campaign Part One
The Referral Interview
Goals of the Referral Interview
Resume Development
And Much More!

Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success is the ONLY guide you will ever need for successful career coaching. This guide is an 81 page handbook that reveals the inner you, your intended career path, and expert secrets on how to clinch that job you’ve always wanted – but could never find the courage to go for.

So How Much Is This One-of-a-Kind Guide Being Offered For?

I’m sure right now you’re thinking to yourself, “Gee, this all really sounds expensive. How could something so life-changing even be offered at an affordable price?”

Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote know that their proven secrets and methods are indeed extraordinary – but they’re not selling it for even a quarter of what it’s worth. A guide like theirs could easily sell for hundreds of dollars…and their coaching services alone are worth thousands. This guide is like spending a few hours with them…but for a fraction of the price!

Sure, you could try to figure out how to successful land every job interview on your own.  You’re an intelligent, enthusiastic, and hardworking person – surely it couldn’t be too hard to get your interviewer to see that. But if you’re reading this right now, chances are, your methods aren’t working. Why waste any more of your valuable time and resources, when you could have instant access to proven career secrets that will land you the job of your dreams? Why spend hours agonizing over which career is right for you, when a guide can point you towards your intended life path?

Take advantage of Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote’s unparalleled expertise – claim your copy of
Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success for only $27!

Yes, you read that right...$27!

For only $27,
you’ll receive a guide that’s stuffed with tips and
proven methods
that will absolutely
the way you see job hunting, including:

  • The type of interview that’s extremely vital to your success – but you won’t ever hear about this from another career coach or website
  • The three purposes of an effective résumé – and how to get them
  • How to make the kind of follow-up call that will get you hired
  • Small Talk that will instantly make your interviewer like you
  • The type of listening that is crucial for a successful interview
  • And so much more!

But That’s Not All You’ll Get!

Not impressed with the incredible deal that’s being offered? Well, get ready to be amazed, because Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote are throwing in some incredible bonuses to sweeten the deal!

5 Free Bonuses!

Along with your instant copy of Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success,
you’ll also receive these bonuses - valued at hundreds of dollars – absolutely free!

  • The Insider’s Guide To Time Management  - Need a brush-up on how to effectively manage your schedule - without damaging your health? This e-book, which could easily be sold for $100 or more, is chock full of tips on how to handle time killers (you know – those projects that take up too much of your time with little result), how to become a more organized person, and the best secret of all – how to accomplish more in less time. 

This bonus will be absolutely essential once you land that dream job and find yourself taking on tons of fulfilling projects!

  • Online Business Basics: A Practical Primer For The Newbie Entrepreneur These days, it’s absolutely vital to have a real presence on the web, especially if you own a business. But unlike most online business guides out there today – which are full of hard-to-understand jargon – this guide will provide you with the blueprint for basics every newbie should know, including online professionalism and how to effectively promote your business. You could easily pay hundreds of dollars to find out this kind of information, but Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote are giving it to you – absolutely free!

  • Monetizing Secrets of Going Web-Social - We all know that the most important ingredient for success in the business world is networking, right? Well, you can easily apply this to the online world as well – and this neat e-book can show you how!

From YouTube and blogging techniques to bookmarking and online publishing, this guide will show you everything that there is to know about making your presence known in the online world – a definite plus for those looking for internet-oriented careers! This incredible guide is worth over three hundred dollars, but can be yours instantly – for free!

  • Mind Your Own Business -When it comes to being successful in the business world, your mind is the most important weapon you’ll ever have. This e-book is full of tips that will condition your mind for success and shoot you up that promotion ladder! You’ve seen books like these sold at bookstores for forty dollars, but you can claim your free copy today!

  • Make Money Without Leaving Your House - We all know that the key to building substantial wealth is to start your own business. Thanks to the Internet, it’s now easier than ever to get your business off of the ground with little to no resources involved. 

This guide contains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about running your own home-based business, from being your own boss to finding resources for your expanding business. Let’s face it – haven’t we all dreamed about working from home?  This invaluable guide can show you how to make this dream come true – for absolutely free!

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The Price of Realizing Your Dream Has Never Been So Low!

We’ve all seen those people who have a career that they love. They wake up excited and motivated in the mornings, ready for the pleasure that each work day brings to them. They go through morning and afternoon with a smile on their face, grateful for the happiness that their career brings them. While most people can’t wait for Friday night, these lucky few are counting down the hours until Monday morning.

Only one question remains…are you ready to become one of those lucky people?

For $27, you can start changing your life for the better.

For $27, you can finally start to feel fulfilled and motivated, ready to greet each work day with a smile.

For $27, you can provide security for your family while living the American dream.

For $27, you can finally start living the life that you were created to lead.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be shown your intended life path…claim your copy of Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote’s Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success today!

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  • I understand that I will receive a 5 bonuses valued at hundreds of dollars just for trying Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success.

    • The Insiders Guide To Time Management
    • Online Business Basics: A Practical Prime For The Newbie Entrepreneur
    • Monetizing Secrets Of Going Web-Social
    • Mind Your Own Business
    • Make Money Without Leaving Your House
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P.S. Remember, success = preparation + opportunity. Let Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote prepare you for all the success that you deserve in life – download your copy of Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success today!

P.P.S. After experiencing this guide, many people are interested in Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote’s proven coaching services. Their goal is to encourage you to not just have a job or a money-making venture, but to take the time to fuel your passion. Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote coach and counsel to help others clarify their purpose, as well as provide assistance with the action steps discussed in Career Geyser: Secrets That Propel You to Success.

For more information, you can contact them at or visit their website at

About the Authors

Dr. Joe Fote & Lynn Fote

Dr. Joe and Lynn Fote are co-founders of CompassRoseLiving.  CompassRose was created to realize their passion for helping others reach their life's goals and potential, and help them build the relationships God intends for his people to have.

 Dr. Joe has his Bachelor and Masters Degree in Business Administration and has a PhD Degree in Christian Counseling Psychology.  He is Board Certified in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and an Ordained Minister.

Dr. Joe has over 30 years of executive business experience in banking, healthcare consulting and hospital administration. He is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

 Lynn left the corporate world with over ten years of management experience and has home schooled their children for the last twelve years.  Lynn has been a Human Resource Recruiter and a Home School Education Consultant.  She is currently a Christian Life Coach and Executive Producer of Rhea Perry's Entrepreneur Days Atlanta.

 Dr. Joe and Lynn maintain an active counseling, consulting/coaching and teaching schedule.  They have been married over twenty years and have two teenage daughters.


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